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Security and escort of goods in transit

Security and escort of goods in transit

Cargo protection and security escort of goods in transit is a service in most demand in the field of security.

In transporting any types of valuable goods over any distances, there is a set of risks such as risks of theft or damage in transit. To minimize the risks we provide escort services by specially trained security guards.

Magen OA experts have extensive experience in escorting and protecting cargos, and  in arranging protected transport, including long-distance and international traffic.

Our expertise and experience in escorting cargoes, as well as the technical equipment of the guards, allow us to guarantee the safety of property to our customers.

Types of protection and escorting cargoes: by road and by rail.


Escorting cargoes is by security guards bearing weapons and protective equipment. The entire route is operational duty controlled. Operational duty officer will exercise continuous monitoring of vehicles via GPS. In emergency situations operations duty officer will receive messages and take action as required to eliminate the threat.


Escorting cargoes is by a security guard or a group of security guards from the point of shipment to destination. To escort cargos in transit, heated freight cars accommodating security squads will be used. Terms and conditions with regard to heated freight cars to be additionally agreed.

You can order services as follows:

  • A security guard or a group of security guards to protect and escort cargo across the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries.
  • Vehicle (s) to escort Customer’s vehicle; and
  • Armored vehicle(s) equipped as per Protection Class III for valuable cargo transportation.